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The Student Hotel evolves

We are now The Social Hub

What's changed?

Where society comes together

At The Social Hub, we believe a better society is created when people with vision and talent come together from all walks of life. The Social Hub is a hotel for travellers, a home for next-gen students and professionals, a coworking space for big thinkers, a playground for entrepreneurs, and a city meeting place for locals and friends.

Spaces to connect
Guests playing board games in the lobby of The Social Hub
Person grabbing coffee to go from The Social Hub
Feet with colourful socks sticking out under the blanket at The Social Hub
People behind curtains at The Social Hub

Meet your community

The Social Hub is where the world comes to meet. It's the hub for the next generation of changemakers from students to entrepreneurs, from digital nomads to local artists, all those who want to learn and grow, and make society better.

Spaces to connect

The Social Hub has spaces for all occasions, from lobbies to community play areas and from a 24/7 gym to coworking spaces to meet, collaborate and connect.

Your space to be bold

Whether you're coming to The Social Hub to meet friends, work on your passion project or just need some me-time, this is your hub to call home.

Events for curious minds

Meet other adventure seekers, entrepreneurs, students, digital nomads and locals in The Social Hub's buzzing public spaces for a wide range of events, organised by the community.

Guests watching a movie in a communal area at The Social Hub
People sunbathing on the rooftop terrace of The Social Hub

Everything in one hub

Our hotels are dynamic hubs where people can meet, work, eat, drink, hold events or stay for anything from a night to a year.

Student Stay

Fully equipped student rooms that can be your home for a semester or longer. Become part of a community of like-minded people and make friends for a lifetime.

Hotel Stay

Plan to move, get a little loose or need something serious for work - there is a room designed to support your dreams and aspirations.

Extended Stay

Comfortable, fully-equipped rooms that feel like home. Ideal if you need to settle in for a longer stay.

Coworking Space

Our coworking spaces are hubs where freelancers and businesses can change the world.

Meeting & Event Spaces

Our flexible, fully-equipped spaces are ideal for productive meetings and awesome events.

Eat & Drink

Our restaurants and bars are perfect for sharing moments in an unfussy, lively setting.

What's happening

The Social Hub is on a journey to become as sustainable as possible, and to make a positive impact.

I think we need to shy away from only wanting to paint a pretty picture.

Amber Westerborg, Director of Sustainability & Impact

A candid discussion about The Social Hub's big ambitions.

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