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All page types

The list below consists of links to all of the current page types that we have on offer.

All of these pages all populated with all types of components that we are allowed to use on the respective page. The possibilities and limitations can vary immensely per page.

Campaign landing page

Visitors 'land' here when they click on a banner or social post. Contains all information about a marketing campaign

City page

Dealing with multiple properties within one city? The City Page has got your back, offering unique components to showcase the different properties and their locations.

Contact page

Users can find our contact details and contact forms to reach out to us here

Content page

The workhorse of our website. Has a standard layout and can display almost any component. No fancy tricks, though.

Event listing page

Displays an overview of all the events we have created as Event Pages on the site. Can be filtered by tags, target group, event type, etc.

Event page

Events can be advertised on individual pages, including all the info about said event. Add tags, target groups, event types, etc. All Event Pages are displayed on the Event Listing Page

FAQ page

Has a question been burning in your mind for ages? You will most likely find the answer on these pages. Frequently asked questions are answered with a click on the + in a dropdown accordion.

News/blog listing page

A collection page where you can collect blogs or news articles. Set the content you want to collect in advance and let the CMS do the work.

News/blog story page

Is the content you want to create time-bound? Or is the content not enough for a static page? Then a Blog or News Story Page is what you need. A couple of components to write your story, with a required publication date.

Overall product landing page

The general, non-local Meet, Eat & Drink, Work and Stay pages are Overall Product Landing Pages, as the name might suggest. Use this page type to add a new tool to our versatile Swiss army knife of products.

Product landing page

The local Meet, Eat & Drink, Work and Stay pages are Product Landing Page at heart. Sure, they might look differently or display different components, but it all starts here.

Property landing page

This is where each hotel property 'lives' on the site. Each of them has its own mini-home page, where you can find all the information and possibilities of the property. In that sense, it is nothing more than the hotel lobby.