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At The Social Hub, we strive to create a better society for everybody. It’s a bold ambition; but small steps create big change. That’s why we work every day to build and run our hubs responsibly and to engage with communities effectively. We believe hospitality has the power to shape a fairer future.

Our mission

Together, we create a better society. At The Social Hub, we build spaces to learn, stay, work and play, connecting people through meaningful and fun experiences. Over the years, we've grown into a diverse, inclusive community with a shared mindset and purposeful outlook, centred around genuine connection and positive change.


The Social Hub is a place to find community and build relationships, whether you’re a city resident or guest for a night (or year). We welcome all, from travellers and tourists to students and entrepreneurs, creating a cultural and professional melting pot built on shared values, meaningful actions and a desire for better.

Leadership and oversight

We’re committed to our sustainability and impact journey. This goes beyond roadmaps and goals and stretches to the very fabric of our company, where we regularly review policies, introduce frameworks and establish boards to hold us accountable. It’s all driven by transparent leadership that stands behind its words.

Social change and well-being

‘Social’ is not only at the heart of our name, but also our philosophy. We care about diversity, representation and well-being. Not just for our own network of changemakers, but for society as a whole. We support those without a voice, create fair opportunities and help people grow personally and professionally.

Environmental impact

When it comes to environmental impact, we believe in leading by example and driving industry change while setting realistic, measurable sustainability goals. We make this possible by collaborating with likeminded partners, holding ourselves accountable and by regularly benchmarking our environmental efforts.

Employee initiatives

Our talented teams bring our mission to life every day. Without their enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity, our impact agenda would be stuck at square one. So, it’s important we keep them happy. Beyond policies on inclusivity and care, we offer a series of programmes to excite, energise and engage employees.

Key partners

To make a meaningful impact, we work with key partners from a variety of industries and backgrounds to achieve our shared vision of a better society.

Learn more:

Impact Report FY21-22

Download our Impact Report to learn more about our environmental and social targets, goals and achievements.

Environmental Policy

Read our full Environmental Policy to better understand our areas of focus, policies and commitments.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Find out more about our commitment to ethical business practices and our approach to working with purposeful suppliers.

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