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We bring the bold together

The Social Hub is much more than a hotel. In our boundary-blurring spaces we bring together a new generation of bold change-makers to connect, learn, stay, work, and play. Creating memorable experiences for our community of hotel guests, students, creatives, enterprising minds and anyone in between.

The future of hospitality

Ever since 2012,

we have welcomed the curious into our community. Along the way, we've redefined student accommodation and what hybrid hospitality really means. Whether you’ll work in one of our hotels or at The Hub – you help us build a home, an office space or a great memory for anyone from all over the world. So come join the future of hospitality. We move fast and we put our heart into everything we do. We’re a bunch of incredibly fun, quirky and ambitious people with a whole lot of fresh ideas — and we think you’ll fit right in.

Our values

At The Social Hub we live by our values. We are Curious, Conscious, Bold, Entrepreneurial and a Fun bunch.


We believe in lifelong learning.


We make responsible, purposeful decisions that have a positive impact.

We are BOLD

We take a stand. We are change-makers.


We take the initiative, challenge the status quo and question things.

We are FUN

We play with a wink and never take life too seriously.

Be you

We believe that there is room for everyone. We are all different and each of us brings something unique to the table that helps us build that community-feel that drives the success of The Social Hub. We celebrate diversity, we strive to always be inclusive, and we know this is an ever-changing and ongoing journey. So, we make sure we stay educated—we organize workshops, webinars, and get-togethers, together with the help from our (internal) networks and our external partners. After all, we are all connectors and life-long learners.

The perks

At The Social Hub, we like to make sure that you can be the best version of yourself at all times. And these perks are there to give you that extra lift up 

Live the brand

Next to your set vacation days, we’re offering an additional 3 days. You can spend these on making an impact (for instance by volunteering), taking part in cultural activities or the occasional rest and relaxation after a The Social Hub celebration.

We recognize greatness

We believe that hard work should pay off. Our recognition program offers great development possibilities – from yearly learning festivals and individual courses, up to an MBA degree - you get to drive your success.

A helping hand

We are change-makers and walk the talk. We encourage you to make an impact and volunteer with the ‘Movement on the ground’ foundation, so you can help build a better world.