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The Social Hub Maastricht (formerly The Student Hotel) is a hotel where travellers, locals and students get together to learn, stay, work and play. Whether you're looking for a coworking space, a room for a day to a year or a restaurant to throw a party, The Social Hub has spaces for all your needs.

Experience a vibrant, local cultural scene and join a community of adventurers, entrepreneurs and changemakers in The Social Hub Maastricht. In the boundary-blurring spaces at The Social Hub you'll be able to host a meeting, attend weekly events and workshops or just pop in for a bite.

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17090 reviews

4.16/ 5
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What are you looking for in Maastricht? 

Student Stay

Fully-equipped student rooms that can be your home for a semester or longer. Become part of a community of like-minded people and make friends for a lifetime.

Hotel Stay

Plan to go on holiday, get a little loose or need something serious for work - there is a room designed to support your dreams and aspirations.

Extended Stay

Comfortable, fully-equipped rooms that feel like home. Ideal if you need to settle in for a longer stay.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces where freelancers, entrepreneurs and teams of all sizes can grow their business and change the world.

Meeting & Event Spaces

Want to host a meeting, bring people together or throw a party? The Social Hub can accommodate any kind of event in flexible and fully-equipped spaces.

Eat & Drink

The Social Hub has plenty of options to refuel throughout the day and carry on into the night. Find spaces to relax, unwind and create memories for a lifetime.

Your guide to The Social Hub Maastricht

The Social Hub Maastricht has a lot going on in one hub. From networking events in coworking spaces to cocktail parties in the restaurant & bar, there's always something going on for The Social Hub community. See what's happening:

Central location

Maastricht is easily accessible from The Social Hub's well-connected location. By public transport, taxi, on foot or with a bike – you’ll be there in no time.