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Make room for what matters

We’re creating space for everything that’s truly important; a commitment that’s an extension of our purpose to create a better society. Make room for what matters is more than a punchline – it’s our commitment to our community. From supporting lifelong learning with Talent Garden to fostering equal opportunities with a scholarship programme, we’re on a mission to elevate our initiatives. What matters hits differently for everybody. For some, it’s having more ‘me time’ or even more ‘we time’. For others, it’s taking that giant leap of faith. Our doors are open to you – no matter what your what matters looks like. It’s here – in our 17 hubs across Europe – where all the things that matter come together.

From a space for students ...

... to a hub for everyone

It all began 10 years ago with a simple belief: Students Deserve Better. That's why we built The Student Hotel, a place for young people to find their purpose and change the world, to shape the future. As our community grew, we grew with them – evolving into a hybrid space with hotel rooms for tourists, co-living for travellers, coworking for digital nomads and a creative playground for entrepreneurs and locals.

While we evolved ...

... society has evolved too

People have never felt a greater need for genuine connection and positive change. We’re inspired by the multitude of efforts we’ve witnessed in our community to make society a better place, and we want to further empower that passion. This is the proof we have outgrown our own name, and most importantly, so has our community. So today a new chapter to our story begins: say goodbye to The Student Hotel – and hello to The Social Hub.

There's never been more going on at The Social Hub.

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Learn, stay, work & play

The Social Hub is open to guests and visitors from all walks of life with an open mind, love of learning and curious nature; with what we call a 'learn & growth mindset.'

What we’re doing

Why we're here

At The Social Hub, we believe, together, we create a better society.

What we’re doing

We connect people through meaningful and fun experiences.

How we’re doing it

We build spaces to learn, stay, work and play.

Bringing people together

Putting community first

At The Social Hub, we believe a better society is created when people with vision and talent come together from all walks of life. United by a shared mindset, our community is shaping a brighter future, and having fun doing it.

At just 26 years old, Charlie MacGregor founded TSH (The Student Hotel) with a desire to build a better world. As we change our name to The Social Hub and continue to grow, so does our message of community, connection and purpose.

Stay for a night up to a year

Hybrid hospitality

We’re so much more than a hotel, and more than a home. The Social Hub's unique hybrid hospitality model means we’re as flexible as it gets, welcoming guests from all walks of life: from a day to a year. It's a space to learn, stay, work and play, with flexible working spaces, a Workcafé & Bar for bites and cocktails, and meeting and event spaces for functions big or small, and whole lot more.

Boundary blurring spaces

The Social Hub creates boundary blurring spaces to inspire connection, creativity and playfulness. These spaces go beyond the physical and touch our digital and cultural environments too.

Our values


We believe in staying curious and pursuing lifelong learning.


We play with a wink and never take life too seriously.


We’re a work-in-progress and encourage learning from failure.


We make responsible, purposeful decisions that have a positive impact.


We take the initiative, challenge the status quo and question things.

What are you waiting for?


We inspire and support curious, passionate and authentic people to reach their potential.

Mieke Veldhuis, Chief People Officer

Working at TSH is all about professional challenges, personal development, career growth and fun. What makes working here different? We truly care about our people.

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