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Announcing the TSH Talent Foundation

The Social Hub announces the TSH Talent Foundation, a nonprofit committed to making opportunity a right for all, not a privilege, by empowering changemakers.

Opening The Social Hub’s experience to emerging talents

In September 2024, the TSH Talent Foundation will launch its first programme, collaborating with education partners to onboard deserving individuals for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Changemaker Scholarship Programme 2024-2025

Spread over three pillars, our first program provides a home and unlocks new perspectives through:

Spaces & Development

  • All-inclusive accommodation for the academic year at one of the locations of The Social Hub. 

  • Participation in professional development and upskilling programmes. 

Personal Growth

  • Access to mentoring sessions with The Social Hub community members.
  • Volunteering opportunities as well as engagement via social and cultural experiences.
  • Provision of mental and physical support services, encompassing counseling, wellbeing programmes, and access to recreational facilities such as gyms.  

Connections & Collaborations

  • Engagement in community-building activities aimed at fostering connections and collaboration.
  • Onboarding to alumni programme, becoming part of our community of mentors, partners and other stakeholders.

Living our social purpose, we care deeply about diversity, representation, and well-being for all. This commitment drives us to create a better society for everybody. Curious about all the impact The Social Hub is making? Explore our initiatives on our Impact page.

Any questions? 
Here to help

Would you like to know more or are you interested in collaborating with the TSH Talent Foundation? Email: or read our press release here