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Spaces to eat, drink, collaborate & celebrate

The Social Hub is the place to come together, to eat, drink, collaborate and celebrate with other members of the community. The laid-back bars and restaurants at The Social Hub Vienna have plenty of options to refuel throughout the day and carry on into the night.

Workcafé and Bar

The place to meet new people or find a quiet corner to focus. There's plenty of food, drink and coffee to refuel throughout the day and to carry on into the night. This is a new era of working and connecting and the restaurant is the perfect in-between space to work, stay and play.

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Grab and Stay

At Grab and Stay, we understand that even those with the busiest schedules deserve to eat well. Our Grab and Stay is dedicated to providing fresh, mindful food options. Whether you're on the go or have a moment to sit down, we offer a fast and nourishing alternative to help you recharge and continue your day with renewed energy. Enjoy quick, healthy, and delicious bites that keep you at your best, no matter how busy your day may be.

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