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The Social Hub is a hybrid hospitality concept – and full-service campus – with 6,600 rooms in 15 university cities across Europe (and counting).

With each location featuring exceptional facilities such as fully-furnished private rooms, classrooms, study areas, 24/7 gyms and comfy lounges. So if you want the best for the students at your institution, you’ve come to the right place. Partnerships with The Social Hub are flexible and collaborative, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and discover how we can work together.


Create your customized room booking

Book rooms at TSH in any way that suits your needs: Full academic years; Spring or Fall semesters; winter courses; trimester stays; faculty-led groups; custom programmes. So get in touch and let’s make it happen.

Central locations

The Social Hub has 18 locations across 17 top European cities (and more coming soon!). Safe, central locations ensure students are close-by every essential they’ll need, for study time and down time.

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What The Social Hub has to offer

We want to make things quick and easy for you – so leave the admin to us. We’ll handle multiple property bookings from our centralised reservation department, and make sure your proposal is tailored to you – generic quotes aren’t our thing. Here’s what to expect:

Customised proposals

Including special rates and payment conditions 

Flexible stays

Book just one night, one week or a year

Hassle-free bookings

In multiple hotels and cities, plus any special requests

Student placements

We do our best to keep your students’ rooms together

Professional hospitality

From warm student welcomes to helpful local teams

Bookable workspaces

Access onsite classrooms, auditoriums and workshop spaces

Ready to partner with The Social Hub?

Make your enquiry using the link below, or contact our reservations team directly on +31 20 760 7575.

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