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Most instagrammable places in Paris

Your friends and followers will be totally impressed you found these spots.

Paris is inherently Instagrammable, isn’t it? From its grand boulevards to its boulangeries, adorable shopfronts and colorful terraces, nearly every angle of this city is ‘gram worthy. But, there are also some spots in the city that are just so picture perfect, it would be a shame to miss them.

So with this list, we wanted to highlight the most Instagrammable places in Paris you can’t miss. Some you might have seen on your favorite feeds before (but didn’t know how to find them) and we hope some are brand new to you — whether this is your first time visiting Paris or your tenth. Scroll on to get inspired!

Best places to take pictures in Paris: unique Eiffel Tower angles

Everyone heads to the marble plaza outside the Eiffel Tower to snap a pic. But, if you want a more artistic shot of this iconic landmark, we suggest you head to any of the spots we’ve highlighted below.

Pont de Bir-Hakeim

Getting there: 19 Av. Kléber
Get the shot: Confused by the metro? The bottom part is a walkway!

One of the best Paris Instagram shots is from Pont de Bir-Hakeim which overlooks the Eiffel Tower. You can get here from either side of the Seine, using the bottom part of the bridge which is a walkway for pedestrians. This is a unique spot because of the metal girders — which are a great way to frame your shot. Head here for sunrise or sunset to catch a colorful sky behind the Eiffel Tower.

Creators: @youssefalhamadii, @tanyongistanyong

Avenue de Camoens

Getting there: Avenue de Camoens, 16th Arrondissement
Get the shot: Bring props to pose with on the staircase

Located in the nearby 16th Arrondissement, this discrete little spot is the perfect place to get a unique, more casual and neighbourhood view of the Eiffel Tower. If you’re already at the Eiffel Tower, wander just 10-minutes to get here, walking up the staircase and turning around to see this view. A few years back you could have this place to yourself. Nowadays its turned up on lists like this, so it’s not exactly private. But, it is one of the few spots where you don’t have to fight crowds of people to get the perfect photo.

Creators: @samiraliquigan, @barcqde

Rue de l'Université

Getting there: Make sure you go to the right end of the street, number 223
Get the shot: Angle the camera up a bit to make sure you get the top of the tower

You’ve definitely seen this shot before, but we bet you had no idea where it was. Tucked on one of the side streets leading up to the Eiffel Tower in the 7th, Rue de l'Université provides quite the epic and perfectly framed street view of The Iron Lady. Photographers will love the way the light hits here, and Instagram junkies, you’re going to love that you can show off your full Parisian outfit. This is quite a long street, though, so be sure you go to the right end — number 223. And if this popular spot is too crowded, try some of the nearby side streets that provide a similar view.

Creators: @fotolivroviagem, @deluxe.confidential


Cute Parisian streets for taking photos

These streets are seriously some of the most Instagrammable places in Paris. In fact, we bet you’ve seen these spots on your feed before, but just had no idea where to find them. Lucky for you, we’re not influencers trying to gatekeep all the cutest spots.

Rue Saint-Julien le Pauvre

Getting there: Specifically, in front of the restaurant Odette
Get the shot: Pose here in the middle of the street to frame Odette in the background

A quintessentially Parisian street, the view from Rue Saint-Julien le Pauvre has everything from tall grand buildings to cobblestones and the incredibly cute (and wonky) Odette restaurant to fix in frame. You’re going to love the pop of colour from the restaurant and the rest of the French feel.

Insider tip: After snapping this photo, turn around and head left to Rue Galande which is just a few steps away. The way the cobblestone street curves shows off the buildings beautifully and makes for a really pretty perspective.

Creators: @julieaucontraire, @milettearoundtheworld

Rue de l'Abreuvoir

Getting there: Walk downhill from La Maison Rose
Get the shot: Stand back far enough to get the top of Sacre-Coeur in your shot

Arguably one of the most Instagrammable places in Paris, Rue de l'Abreuvoir is home to the famously pink building in the 18th, La Maison Rose. Which, while you’re here, you need to shoot! But, you’ll also find a slew of ivy coloured walls that enhance the old world charm that just oozes from this Arrondissement. Our hot tip? While this street is gorgeous year-round, we particularly love to visit it in the autumn when the ivy starts to turn yellow and red.

Creators: @ggingerrbbreadd@nefkaranikola

Rue Crémieux

Getting there: Put Rue Crémieux into your map, it’s not far from Gare de Lyon
Get the shot: Houses number 21 and 30 are Instagram favorites

To be honest, Paris is full of beautiful streets. You really can’t go wrong! But if you really want to see (and photograph) something unique, you’re going to want to head to Rue Crémieux. Located over in the 12th Arrondissement, this street often reminds travellers of London’s Portobello Road thanks to its pastel-coloured houses. It’s a quiet part of the city, and really, it doesn’t quite feel (or look) like anywhere else in Paris.

Creators: @penelopejolycoeur, @lgdcamille


Paris Instagram spots: restaurants & cafes

Paris has no shortage of great restaurants. But, not all of them have the right aesthetic, if you know what we mean. So, we’ve selected a few of the best restaurants to take pictures in Paris. From cute facades to breathtaking views, these Paris Instagram spots won’t disappoint.

Le Consulat

Getting there: Located in the 18th at 18 Rue Norvins
Get the shot: Stand at the intersection of Rue Norvins and Rue de Saules

This iconic café is a standalone cutie. With adorably French trademarks like the red bistro rattan chairs, a striped canopy and perfectly vintage signage, this is definitely one of the best places to take pictures in Paris. Our tip? Don’t just stop for a pic! The mussels and the French onion soup are worth popping in for.

Creators: @alicesitinerary, @jadetouron

Café de Flore

Getting there: Located in the 6th at 172 Bd Saint-Germain
Get the shot: It’s a busy corner, so stand here for a few minutes to get the perfect shot

Can you really say you went to Paris if you didn’t get a shot of Café de Flore? Known as one of the most Instagrammable places in Paris, this quintessentially French café will give your feed the most elegant vibe. What’s so cute about this café is its signature signage, the plants that hang above the canopies and its adorable bistro chairs that are always filled with well-dressed people. Sit down and to get the perfect #flatlay of your coffee and croissant, but fair warning, the prices here are high!

Creators: @samishome, @mayelizabethx

The Peninsula Hotel

Getting there: 19 Av. Kléber
Get the shot: From their restaurant, L’Oiseau Blanc

One of the city’s most iconic views of the Eiffel Tower, the Peninsula Hotel’s Michelin star restaurant, L’Oiseau Blanc, is perhaps one of the priciest places to snap a pic in Paris. But, with exceptional food and one-of-a-kind views, to some, it’s well worth the price. If you can put in a request, the corner booth is the spot with the most coveted view. And if you’re looking for a budget option, book lunch instead of dinner.

Psst! Another boujee option is Monsieur Bleu’s terrace for lunch. Splurge at this hotspot to get another stunning view of the Eiffel Tower. In the spring and summer, the way the green furniture matches the lush canopy of trees that frame the tower make it one of the best places to take pictures in Paris.

Creators: @suzieluo, @thepeninsulaparis


Parisian architecture & gardens

This city’s architecture and gardens are world renowned for their grandeur. While you can’t go wrong at any of the city’s big squares or sprawling parks, these are a few of our favorites.

Sinking house of Montmartre

Getting there: From the steps of Sacre-Coeur
Get the shot: To find just the right angle, walk up the stairs and look to the right

No, this house isn’t actually tilted! A famous optical illusion, the angle of the hill next to Sacre-Coeur makes this red building look as though its tilted on its side. But to be honest, in person, it’s not so dramatic. So to really get this shot, you’ll have to crop and angle your photo just right to make it look extra wonky.

Creators: @carlottacaccamo, @onceuponajourney

Jardin des Tuileries

Getting there: Stop here on your way to the Louvre
Get the shot: Just about anywhere is Instagrammable, but the chairs by the ponds are pretty famous

You totally recognize this place, right? One of the most beautiful gardens in all of Paris, the Jardin des Tuileries is made up of perfectly manicured lawns, seasonal flower beds, pretty ponds, priceless sculptures and tree-lined paths. This is the perfect place to sit with a good book and a hot coffee to look like a local. We also particularly love the Jardin des Tuileries in the early autumn when the trees are turning colours and the flower beds are still full.

Creators: @erika.kostialova, @guillaumelavrut

Place Vendôme

Getting there: While you’re visiting the Jardin des Tuileries and Louvre, stop here
Get the shot: Do a stride-by in front of the iconic blue doors

One of the most Instagrammable places in Paris, this world-famous square is home to some of the top fashion houses on the planet. Circle the square to pose in front of the giant blue doors, and while you walk, window shop at the precious jewelry and designer fares. In the middle, you’ll find a the bronze Vendôme Column, which was erected by Napoleon.

Expert tip: A lot of tours in cool old cars stop here to sight see, and usually sit idle by the column. Have your camera ready to snap a cute vintage fiat or a colorful Punch Buggy.

Creators: @parissecret, @natali.burlutskaya

Camera ready?

Your feed is about to look amazing! So be sure to tag us in all your most Instagrammable Paris shots and let us know you used this guide. We’d love to share your snaps! And if you’re still looking for a place to stay, look no further - because we’ve got a Paris hotel, too.

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