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Top creative events in Europe this spring

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With restrictions easing up and a new season in bloom, we put together a list of the top creative events making their way back onto the scene this spring. Whether you’re into art and music or fashion and design, we've got just the creative event for you to explore.

After two years of pandemic lockdowns, there’s a collective itch to get back out into the crowds and be with our communities again. The creative communities have been amongst those hit the hardest the past two years — missing out on essential exhibitions and togetherness that allows for deeper conversations and insights. Of course, we’ve had zoom conferences and online shows, but it’s just not the same, is it? Nothing can replace the awe of seeing a piece of art in person, or discussing what it means to you with a gallerist, or a fellow admirer.

Now with restrictions easing up, we were curious about what creative events were back on this spring. So we got to work scouring the top creative events happening right now until mid-June. Ranging from fine art and design to literary arts and fashion, you’re probably going to have trouble narrowing down which events you can actually attend across Europe this spring. Wherever you choose to go, we hope this spring 2022 is a time for discovery, exploration, art and travel.

The Most Famous Creative Events in Europe This Spring

Europe is host to a range of creative events throughout the year, but the springtime has some of the most popular events of the entire year. Ranging from art to film and design, these events draw in creatives from not only Europe, but all over the world.

Biennale Opening

Creative field: Art
Where: Venice, Italy
When: April 20-22

Easily one of the most prestigious art and architecture events in the world, the return of the exclusive Venice Biennale has been much-awaited after being postponed due to the pandemic. This is a special year, too, because the contemporary art exhibition is curated by Cecilia Aleman, the first Italian woman to hold the position. The theme? Milk of Dreams — its namesake from the book by Leonora Carrington that “describes a magical world where life is constantly re-envisioned through the prism of the imagination. It is a world where everyone can change, be transformed, become something or someone else.”

If you’re lucky, you can catch the preview April 20-22 this year, but the great thing about the Venice Biennale is that is runs from May to November, so you have plenty of time to visit this spring and beyond.

Image rights: Catalan Arts

OFFF Barcelona

Creative field: Art & Digital Design
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: May 5-7

OFFF Barcelona is one of the world’s largest showcases of contemporary visual creativity and design. ‘Made for the curious’ OFFF has been exploring creativity and creative life through a series of workshops, conferences, masterclasses and installations around the world since 2000. Designed for designers themselves — from on/offline designers to sound and graphic designers and developers — this two-day creative event aims to inspire both professionals and students.

The OFFF will also play host to a range of artists from all over the globe, so whether you’re in the industry or just love design and the growing range of graphic art, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. Plus, the lineup this year is bigger than ever, and OFFF Barcelona is even expanding with an outdoor area of the Disseny Hub that will feature a gastronomic experience.

Image rights: OciMag

Pitti Immagine

Creative Field: Fashion
Where: Florence, Italy
When: May 4-5
Stay: The Social Hub Florence

A world-leader in trade shows, communication events, and international cultural initiatives in the world of fashion, lifestyle and food, Pitti Immagine puts on a slew of events in Florence throughout the year. This spring, they’re introducing us to a new format, the e-P summit, which is dedicated to the relationships between the luxury and fashion sectors and the digital world. Intriguing for industry pros and students alike, Florence, which is home to so many iconic brands, is the ultimate backdrop for this event. Staying at The Social Hub, you can get a front row seat to some of the events as well — our Florence hotel partnering with Pitti for rooms, events and venues during the event.

Image rights: Pitti Immagine


Creative Field: Music
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: June 16-18

Sónar is a unique arts, design, and electronic music festival that takes over Barcelona in spring. Separated into two parts — Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night — over three days festival goers explore avant-garde experimentation paired with the hottest sounds in dance and electronic music. Now grown into a music festival institution, Sónar has even expanded to host events around the world, from Bogota to Hong Kong. Now with borders opened back up, you’re sure to meet those from all over on the dance floor, too.

Image rights: Sónar

Cannes Film Festival

Creative field: Film
Where: Cannes, France
When: May 17-28

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the world’s most famous and publicized film festivals, screening films and documentaries of all genres from around the world. This year marks its 75th season — a long history of highlighting the best films, contributing to the development of the art and celebrating creators. But the catch here is that only industry pros are invited to this renowned creative event. However, there are caveats.

Of course, you can still head to the South of France to be in town during the event, there are plenty of parties to attend. Plus every evening down at Plage Macé there are open air screenings for the public — do note: it is first come first served. But students can also apply for what’s called a "Trois jours à Cannes” which is a three-day pass to the festival. You have to prove you’re a student (preferably film) and submit a motivation letter, but if you get in, you’ll be amongst some of the world’s most talented film stars, directors and producers.

Image rights: Cannes Film Festival

The Creative Events in Europe That Should Be On Your Radar This Spring

But, that’s not all that should be on your radar this spring. From literary book fairs that spill onto the Madrid streets to colorful balloon art in Paris, and the flashes of exciting music festivals and fashion events in the Netherlands, there seems to be events for every creative across Europe this spring.

Madrid Book Fair

Creative Field: Literary
Where: Madrid
When: May 27 – June 12

Every spring the Madrid Book Fair overflows into the Paseo de Carruajes avenue in Madrid's famous Retiro park. Avid readers and bibliophiles from all over the world travel to attend this event, browsing over 350 stalls, discovering the latest book releases and meeting their favorite writers.

Image rights: Madrid Book Fair

Arte Fiera

Creative field: Art
Where: Bologna, Italy
When: May 13-15
Stay: The Social Hub Bologna

One of the biggest international modern and contemporary art fairs, people from all over the world will descend on Bologna, Italy to attend Arte Fiera this spring. Over its nearly 50-year history, the fair has helped not only showcase art, but expand contemporary artistic research through gallery representation. So, its reemergence to the scene after a digital show in 2021 due to the pandemic is hotly anticipated.

The 2022 show will feature a ‘Main Section’ with focus on modern and post-war masters, a ‘Focus’ section of 21st-century art and a ‘Pittura XXI’ section showcasing photography and moving images. Unlike some other exclusive spring creative events in Europe, Arte Fiera is open to the public with tickets available online. We hope to welcome you there!

Image rights: Arte Fiera

Valencia World Design Capital 2022 

Creative field: Industrial Design
Where: Valencia, Spain
When: All year, including this spring 

This year The World Design Organization has designated Valencia, Spain, as the World Design Capital, championing the city’s professional designers, architects, interior designers and illustrators over the last century. Each month there are new exhibitions, events, screenings, workshops and conferences to attend, including this spring. Whether you’re in the industry or just appreciate the art of design, this is an event you’re going to want to check out. As if you really needed an excuse to visit Valencia in the spring though, right?

Image rights: Valencia World Design Capital 2022

Barcelona Design Week

Creative Field: Design
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: June 2-22

Barcelona Design Week, part of the prestigious World Design Weeks network, celebrates its 16th edition this year. A must-attend event on design, creativity and innovation in Barcelona, this year BDW is exploring the, “transformative capacity of design in the face of the unprecedented changes we are experiencing in the social, economic, ecological and cultural spheres.”

Image rights: Barcelona Design Week

Boothstock Festival 

Creative Field: Music
Where: Rotterdam, Netherlands
When: June 11
Stay: The Social Hub Rotterdam

Nine years since Boothstock launched in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and the country still anxiously awaits this festival every summer. With a unique festival approach that focuses squarely on ‘technical prowess and danceability’ Boothstock Festival spins house, techno and urban beats. This year there will be five stages, each featuring their own sound for you to discover. You can expect to dance alongside people from all over the world, too, since Boothstock has made a name for itself as truly celebrating the art that fuels DJ-ing. Plus, if you stay with us, we’ll get you discounted tickets to the event!

Image rights: Boothstock Festival


Creative Field: Music
Where: Delft, Netherlands
When: April 23
Stay: The Social Hub Delft

The largest faculty party in the Netherlands, BkBeats is held at the monumental Faculty of Architecture at the world-famous TU Delft. This incredible building is unlike any faculty building you’ve ever seen — offering space for 5 different stages with a variety of music genres. The festival has been running every other year since 1972 and shows no signs of slowing down. But now that the world is open (and dancing) again, now seems like the time to join the party. You can crash at The Social Hub Delft at the end of the night — we’ll have brunch waiting for you in the morning.

Image rights: BkBeats

Gallery Weekend Berlin

Creative Field: Art
Where: Berlin, Germany
When:  April 29 – May 1
Stay: The Social Hub Berlin 

Are you a contemporary art enthusiast? An experimental art fanatic? Then the programme of this year’s Gallery Weekend Berlin is exactly what you’re looking for this spring. Featuring over 50 galleries and museums — mostly located in the popular Mitte (right by The Social Hub Berlin ), Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg and Schöneberg districts — you can explore tons of thought-provoking paintings, installations, photography and sculptures. And it’s not just German artists, either. Like the crowd who attends, the artists on display hail from all over the globe.

Image rights: Metal Magazine

Popronde Den Haag

Creative Field: Music
Where: The Hague, Netherlands
When: April 28
Stay: The Social Hub The Hague

Popronde is a famous traveling festival in the Netherlands that shows off the most talented upcoming Dutch bands and artists. This is pretty much the place to discover the hottest new artists before all your friends. But, don’t leave them at home, take them with you! For the spring 2022 event in The Hague, you’ll get to see XIO, Zoe Low, HALCYON, VULVA and more. See you there!

Image rights: Popronde Den Haag

Exhibition GROW: The Future of Fashion

Creative Field: Fashion
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When: Now until April 30
Stay: The Social Hub Amsterdam West

This spring, head over to the Fashion for Good Museum in Amsterdam to see their GROW Exhibition. Featuring ‘budding’ young Dutch design talent, you’ll get the chance to see how these designers have transformed sustainable natural materials like orange silk, vegan (circular!) leather from coconuts and cork and textiles from the banana plant into unique fashion statements.

Image rights: GROW The future of fashion

Pop Air Exhibition

Creative Field: Art
Where: Paris, France
When: April 14 – August 21
Stay: The Social Hub Paris

Produced in collaboration with the ever-popular Balloon Museum in Rome, the Pop Air Exhibition in Paris is bringing together more than fifteen international artists to showcase their giant, colorful artworks in France. More than 5000m² of the Grande Halle de La Villette will be transformed to invite you into the extraordinary experience, inviting all age groups to engage with and enjoy its unique, inflatable splendor.

Image rights: Pop Air Exhibition

Fête de la Musique 2022

Creative Field: Music
Where: Paris, France
When: June 21
Stay: The Social Hub Paris

Completely open to the public, the Fête de la Musique is a special day in France when anybody can play music on the streets. Just imagine the already-magical Parisian boulevards overflowing with a symphony of sounds — from classical musicians to DJ’s and bands. More than just a great opportunity to discover new music, its an important cultural event that has supported local artists for the last 41 years. A unique and beautiful way to explore the city, Fête de la Musique will allow you to look at Paris through an entirely new lens.

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